My Kids


I took this picture earlier tonight.  After dinner we walked down the street to get ice cream cones…the kids riding in the red wagon.  Alex, Bill and Julia all got small cones of lemon.  I got mint chocolate chip. 

It’s pretty hot here (and everywhere, I think) so the ice cream melted pretty fast, and both kids fell behind in the slurping department.  Especially Julia.  Her lemon ice cream dripped everywhere – on her, on Alex ("Mommy!  Julia’s dripping ice cream on me!"), on the wagon.  She handed it over to me when we got home and the cone was practically disintegrating.

The sprinkler was on in the back yard and I figured it would be a lot easier to clean them up outside than inside…so they were ordered to run and play under the sprinkler.  Bill ran and played too.

They have a couple of little squirt guns that they got at a birthday party yesterday for one of Alex’s friends.  Bill filled them up in the whale pool and gave one to each kid.  Julia’s fingers aren’t quite long enough or strong enough to actually fire the weapon, but she is quite threatening nonetheless.

Behold:  Scary_julia_with_weapon_july_2006

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