I’m sitting here on the couch in my living room.  It’s heading for ten o’clock in the morning.  My coffee mug is on the windowsill beside me.  From this big window I can see trees and the houses across the street…the yellow and purple pansies that crowd the window box…and streaks of water flowing down the window, caused by the sprinkler that Bill put out there a little while ago.

It’s hot here.  It was hot when I got up around 5:45.  But there was a breeze then.  I don’t think the breeze is here any longer.  I looked up just now at the big maple near our house (which generally loses at least one big branch per winter storm every  year…the thing is enormous…and probably rotting away inside.  One day the whole thing will just disintegrate.  Or fall over and land on our house.  But I digress…) and the leaves just hang there, wilty in the sun.  No breeze.

I have today off.  I took today and Wednesday off to give myself a nice 5 day weekend. 

And the kids are at daycare.

I mean I REALLY have the day off.

I went in briefly at 7 this morning to do some first-monday-of-the-month stuff that I always do and I figured it was just easier for me to come in and do it rather than showing someone else what to do.  So I went in early and got it all done and I was gone before 8:30. 

Bill and I had breakfast at the little table on the deck.  The umbrella was up, and technically I was in the shade, but it was still hot out there. 

I’m not a fan of hot.  I wilt, like the maple leaves I looked at a minute ago.  Like the rhubarb plant in our back yard…huge leaves draped sadly on the mulch…tragic…you can almost hear them sighing…until Bill waters everything and they perk right up again.  They are such lovers of melodrama…those rhubarb leaves.


At some point since my last post Julia was moved up from the middle toddler room to the older toddler room.  Because of the biting.  Biting pretty much the same two kids.  I know (or I think I know) which ones they were…her two little best friends.  They were always playing together, so it stands to reason that if there was any biting to be done, they’d be the most convenient targets.

Their parents complained to the daycare, I guess.  So one morning I was told that the manager wanted to see me.  I immediately felt GUILTY.  Like I’d bitten someone and they were going to write me up.  Or like they were going to kick Julia out…or accuse me of encouraging Julia to bite instead of "using her words…"  But when I found her and asked what was up, she very casually and matter-of-factly told me about the parents’ complaints, and that they were going to move Julia up into the older toddler room.  Apparently sometimes just being with older kids will intimidate the biters.  (They don’t know Julia…) And this would make the other parents happy because their daughters’ wounds would heal, limbs would regenerate, and all would be right with the world.

And you know, Julia loves the room.  She still wants to start her day in middle toddler…she wants to see those teachers first thing in the morning…but when I pick her up at the end of the day, she is in a great mood, has things to show me or tell me…sometimes doesn’t want to leave…AND – she hasn’t bitten anyone since the move up.  Her teachers tell me "Julia had a great day today!" And I believe them. Plus I really like these two teachers.  I don’t know how to describe it…but there is a really good energetic vibe in there…like the kids are busy, and engaged. 

AND, they have a pet frog in the room.  He’s very cute and Julia likes him.

So it’s all good at daycare at the moment. 

And I will end this here, for now…have to bring my two film cameras in for repairs…

I will write more later.

Because, in case I forgot to mention it…I have today OFF.

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