New Toy

So I bought a new camera.  I got a Canon EOS Rebel XT.  It arrived Monday.


I ordered it last week…and the UPS tracking thing had it on target to arrive on FRIDAY, June 30th.

And then Friday morning I checked the UPS tracking site again, and my camera had been REROUTED due to ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS.  To Andover, MA.  Why??  Andover’s not that far from where I am, in the grand scheme of things…why did they have to bring it THERE?  I would have been happy to meet the truck somewhere, if they had just called….and besides, what weather did we have that was SO adverse that the tightest ship in the shipping business had to take a detour?

Anyway.  So the new and not-so-improved delivery date was July 3rd, so I had to wait the whole weekend.  I kept looking at the UPS website just in case they would have a change of heart.

I also had a dream at some point that someone from UPS called me and said I wouldn’t actually get the delivery until July 7th.  That was horrible.  Not just the delay, but the fact that I dreamed about UPS.

So Monday…I had the day off…and I tried to busy myself with little projects around the house…waiting…waiting…waiting…nothing.

Bill and I went to pick up some pvc pipe and connector things because he was fixing the garden hose attachment…and then we went to get the kids at daycare…and stopped along the way home to pick up something for dinner…and we’re driving down my street from the OTHER end (we live about 4 houses in from one end…and so we were way at the OTHER end now)…and there, delivering something to some lucky person, was the beautiful brown UPS truck.  Way at the OTHER end of our street.  Which meant that it had either already delivered to ME ME ME or it would be delivering SOON.

We drove home at a safe pace and brought the kids and food into the house (no UPS package outside) and settled ourselves at the table and I could barely eat because my head kept whipping around to look out the dining room window to see if the UPS truck had arrived yet.

Nope – another car.
Nope – a truck.
Nope – a car.

On and on.

And then – something that sounded HEAVIER than a normal garden-variety pickup truck came toward our end of things…and it was the UPS truck…AND IT SPED RIGHT PAST THE HOUSE.

I nearly cried.  Sort of.  It was just too perfectly horrible…and so it was funny too.  Kind of.  A little.

So fine.  UPS hates me and the driver had to go home to eat dinner.  Fine.

We cleared the table, did dishes, and then I had to bring Julia upstairs to change her diaper.  And after I changed the diaper…I was putting the dirty diaper in the Diaper Genie…and Jula was speed-waddling into my bedroom to mess with the radio…and


The Wells-Fargo Wagon had arrived!

I was tempted to leap down the entire flight of stairs, but instead controlled myself and hurried down the stairs in an "I’m not waiting for anything special, I just don’t want to keep the nice delivery man waiting" kind of way…and signed for it…and he commented "It’s from Amazon" and I said "mmm-hmmm" like yeah, it’s just some cat food…no biggie…and put the box in the playpen and ran back upstairs to get Julia before she could destroy anything…and of course she took her time….

But I got her to bed and scurried down the stairs and got the box from the playpen and opened it and there it was.

My new camera.

And (this is the even more pathetic than i’ve already been so far part) I think I was too intimidated and too overwhelmed by the entire event to do anything other than gaze at it in wonder and awe.

I didn’t really get going til yesterday.

And so here are a couple of pictures from yesterday…family shenanigans on the 4th.

Julia…and ice cream…and the little whale pool…

And the next one was taken first, actually…the kids running around in pull-ups with their ice cream melting….            Ice_cream_after_dinner_1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

And in this next shot…toward the left…that’s CORN.  We’re growing corn this year – two kinds.  The taller bunch is regular corn  (I don’t remember what kind – Bill is in charge of the gardening…) and to the right are smaller corn plants – and those are popcorn plants.  Mini popcorn.  The ears are petite…                                       More_than_knee_high

Not sure when they get harvested, but they seem to ripen faster than the other corn.

I have MUCH learning to do about all the bells and whistles with this camera…but at least I got it up and running.  YAY!

Anyway…that’s it for the moment.  That’s what’s been going on recently here.  Very recently.  Of course, I’ve pretty much skipped over at least a month’s worth of LIFE…but that’s the way it goes I guess.  I would like to do better…but I’d like to do better in a lot of areas of my life, so I’ve got work to do on many levels.

Bit by bit…I will get there.

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