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Happiness is…

When I picked up Julia today at daycare, one of her teachers suddenly started to laugh and said she had to tell me what Julia said.  I was a little worried, because I know if anyone gets written up for foul language, it will probably be my daughter.

Anyway, Miss G said all the kids were sitting around a table drawing the things that make them happy (okay, they are two – they were scribbling…but that’s okay.  Because they are two.), and the teacher went around the table asking each child what made them happy.  She said they were saying things like "My mommy makes me happy" and "My kitty cat makes me happy" – your normal two-year-old stuff.  And then she got to Julia, who said "My humpback whale makes me happy."


4 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. It’s always a good thing when your humpback whale makes you happy. I hate it when they piss you off. PS I love Julia. Can you move to Matunuck when she starts kindergarten so she can be in my class??

  2. Beth – hahahaha…well okay, since you have requested it, that’s what we’ll do…we’ll start house hunting now and put this one on the market and prepare to move so that in a few years you can have Julia as a student. No problem! If we move fast, you could have Alex next year as a bonus!

  3. is that all it takes to have you move? maine really needs someone bossy so you need to be here. (grin)
    by the way…where ever julia is, the furniture and wall color are simply fantastic!! whomever you were visiting must have impeckable taste, though their spelling might be terrible.

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