My Kids


Last night we put Alex to bed on our bed because Julia was still kind of awake, and if they start talking, then they will start laughing, and throwing things, and jumping up and down, and they will never get to sleep.

Later on, when we went to bed, I went upstairs first, and Alex was asleep but he was a bit restless, and muttering to himself.  I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but he seemed a bit agitated about something.

And then, clear as anything, he said, "But I want to eat my pterodactyl!"


One thought on “SleepTalking

  1. i seem to remember one our our chats on the phone a long time ago, me falling asleep during the chat, and saying something about dancing shoes.
    apparently the men in your life communicate best when they’re asleep. (laugh)
    love you!

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