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Another email snippet

Also in an email on 10/26…

Meant to tell you…alex decided we should tell each other stories "about our mouths" last night – I think he meant made-up stories, not stories from a book.  He told me to go first, "because you’re better at it than me" (good boy – mommy likes flattery!) so I asked him what he wanted the story to be about, and he said "hat trick" – which translates to "Patrick" – the star fish best friend of Sponge Bob.  So I made up a story based on stuff Alex had told me about his day, and finished it up – "The End!" And he smiled, and I said it was his turn.

"Once upon a dime.…there were three friends:  J L, C, Me, A, B, and J…" – that’s how it began.  I tried to memorize bits of it so I could retell it to someone, but it went all over the place and I just couldn’t do it.  But at one point, for instance, someone opened up a boat and the THING fell out…and then…(he goes crawling across our bed to the night table on Bill’s side) "the watch…(he holds up bill’s wristwatch)……………….fell APART!……and…um…um….um….um….." and various other strange and exciting things took place, including the cat arriving, but with TWO eyes (not like our one-eyed version), and S (a girl at school) chasing all of them, and on and on…until…"The End!"

From Sept 7th…

this morning julia took off out the door so she could run into the front yard to see if elmo was in the window.  (since no one had put him there before we left the house, he wasn’t.)  And I ran behind her yelling at her to come back to the car but of course she ignored that.  I went over and stood in the driveway and glared at her, and she stood across the yard and glared back at me.  I mouthed "Come HERE" and she mouthed "NO" so I said "okay, bye!" and walked back to the car.  she yelled "NO!" and started to come back. I buckled Alex in and went to make sure she hadn’t run to CVS or something.  She came marching in my direction, NOT looking at me, marched past, looking at the ground with a grumpy face…marched toward the car, and then took off toward the little flower garden near the garage.  "have to get a flower!" she yelled.  so she picked a black-eyed susan and brought it back and when she got near me she looked up with an angelic smile and said sweetly "for you, mommy!" and handed me the flower.  then she ran back to get more…she picked one of the cosmos…and then tried to pull off another black eyed susan but the stem was fairly thick and wouldn’t break.  she selected a different flower, and I watched her pulling hard on that – saw the whole black eyed susan bush being tugged in her direction – and then suddenly the stem broke and she whacked herself in the forehead with the flower.  she didn’t cry – she just yelled "OH!" in a surprised little voice.

I had to turn away so she wouldn’t see me laughing at her.

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