Day Off

So I have today off. 

I rarely have a day off that doesn’t involve taking care of a sick child or a sick self, so I’ve been looking forward to this day for a while. 

So naturally I’ve had a headache since yesterday that just won’t go away. 

I didn’t really have any specific plans for today.  Rather, I had non-plans.  Two of them.  I would NOT, while I was home, do any dishes or any laundry.  I knew I would be tempted by them both, not because I am so passionate about either of them, but because they are always there, needing to be "done" in some way, and if ignored, they rapidly get out of control.  So I knew that if I happened to be home alone with them, I would feel obligated to try to keep them under control or – even more tempting in some scary dutiful way – to GET AHEAD OF THEM.  I might just try to get ALL the laundry done in one fell swoop – AHA!  And wouldn’t that be a victory!!

Not really.  Because there is always going to be laundry and there will – unless we convert to paper plates and plasticware and everlasting take-out – always be dishes.  And pots and pans.

So I told myself ahead of time not to be tempted by these things, just for today.  I can go back to my ridiculous attempts at successful housekeeping tomorrow.

So, then, you might ask (though you probably have better things to do) – just what did I do today?  Well, after dropping the kids off at daycare and picking up something special for my breakfast at the local Panera Bread place, I came home, read the "Tastings" column in the Friday Wall Street Journal and ate my food, burned my asiago bagel (dammit) and drank half my caramel latte.  I just didn’t feel great, what with the headache that won’t die, so some of the fun of eating at a leisurely pace was missing.

I wandered around the house, NOT doing dishes or laundry, and finally ended up in bed with a magazine that I put down after a few short articles because my eyes just, frankly, didn’t want to have to work that hard.

I took a nap.  I woke up at some point mid-dream about shopping for lavender-scented candles and I don’t remember what else, looked at the clock, took a quick inventory of the headache, and went back to sleep.  I got up at about 11:30 after daycare called and told me Julia was having meltdowns all morning and was tired, and was it okay if they allowed her to take a nap longer than the one hour I’d stipulated.  (I was keeping her naps short so she’d maybe sleep at NIGHT TIME for a change) – I said of course – let her sleep if she needs to – and figured maybe I should get up and do SOMETHING with this precious day OFF.

So I called my sister and whined about my headache and about how Julia just laughs at me when I’m trying to be firm and unyielding about bedtime, and a bunch of other trivial stuff that I can talk about with her and she won’t hang up on me.  I have a really great sister.  I finally got off the phone feeling a little better, a little more energized, and decided to go out and go somewhere.

So I went to a health food store and got some tea and a candle that smelled good and some lavender stuff for my bath, and a pillow for the bath and a gel thing to put on my eyes…and I went to a little tiny new wine store that I have now fallen in love with not only because they have a really interesting selection, but because it is all wood wine racks and kind of dark and cosy and the people there were very nice and friendly and, based on some of the other people in there shopping, it seems like they are really interested in getting to know their customers.  By name.  First name.  And yes, it’s retail, ultimately, and so building up a good rapport with your customers is key, but still – you don’t get that everywhere, and I felt, with my foggy achy head, that I needed someone who was friendly and helpful and all that, no matter why.  I bought 4 bottles of wines I’d never had, put my name down for two bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau (not the ubiquitous (sp?) George DeBouef but some other one that I don’t remember because – like I mentioned – foggy headed.)  They didn’t have any in stock because they sold out yesterday, when it was released.  But yay- they’ll call me when it’s in again – I’m somebody!  (I’m so idiotic at times.)

Then I decided to stop at a larger booze warehouse on the way home, just to see what they had.  I like this place, it has a lot to choose from, and the prices are competetive…but they need to change the mop heads more frequently because there is nothing more off-putting in a place that sells something to be consumed than the overpowering smell of stale, sour, floor mop heads.  I try to ignore it, but that wasn’t possible today.  Maybe my sense of smell is overdeveloped or something…I don’t know.  But it is off-putting. 

They had a little display of George DuBoeuf Beaujolais Nouveau – I love their labels – so colorful and festive – like there’s some sort of celebration going on in the bottle – so I bought two bottles.

The woman who rang up the sale said to me "I didn’t realize this only comes out once a year."

I curbed my inner snob and said – pleasantly and without a bit of snootiness – that yes, it’s released the third Thursday of November every year.  Because it’s not necessarily something everyone knows or even should know.  It’s not like the spelling and punctuation mistakes I see in PROFESSIONAL DOCUMENTS or catalogs or store signage or wherever that make me cringe in pain and want to run around correcting everything with a big red marker…(yeah, run-on sentence – I’m not a professional, I’m ranting and raving at the moment, I can break rules and plus, I have a headache.)

Anyway – back to the not knowing about the Beaujolais thing…I guess what concerned me was that this is a place that sells wine and beer and liquor…shouldn’t the employees be trained to know about little things like this? 

I’m not being unreasonable.  I used to work in book retail and I know that it’s important to have a staff that knows the stock.  Or – if they don’t know it, they know how to find it.  It’s more important than having someone greet you at the door or harrass you while you’re browsing.  If your customer has a question, you should be able to answer it.

So anyway.  My little grouchy rant for the day.

And now…it’s just after 3:00 and I think I’ll eat my lunch now. 

I wish my headache would go away.  Like, before tomorrow would be nice…. 

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