My Kids


I’d been wondering lately when daycare might start bringing Julia into the Early Preschool classroom.  She’s in Older Toddler now.  When they transition the kids, they usually start putting them in the next room for a few hours in the afternoon, then for the whole afternoon, and finally all day.  I knew some of her little friends had begun to move up, and she’s been doing really well with potty training, so I figured it might be soon.

The littlest kids – infants through older toddlers – are on one side of the building and have their own fenced in play yard.  And the older kids – early preschool and preschool – are at the other end with their own larger play yard (with larger toys).  The kindergarten kids (whose rooms are downstairs) play in the bigger kid yard.

Sometimes they’ll give you a little notice that your child is going to start transitioning, but it doesn’t always happen before the transition starts.  Today Julia spent the last 3 hours of her day in the early preschool room.  So it’s beginning….

I went in to Alex’s room first, as I usually do, after work today, and he came running over to me hollering "MOMMY!  JULIA PLAYED OUTSIDE IN MY PLAY YARD TODAY – AND SHE DIDN’T HURT ANYONE!!"

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