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Alex and Julia are watching a "Go, Diego, Go!" DVD – "Diego Saves Christmas" – (thank goodness.  What would we do without that boy?)

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know the whole family tree, Diego is Dora-the-Explora’s cousin.  They don’t look alike to me – Diego looks like a relatively normal cartoon character and Dora, by comparison, has a freakishly large and out-of-proportion head.  But she’s really cool in every other way, so I try to overlook that.  (Actually, according to her theme song, she is a SUPER cool Explora, Dora.  I didn’t mean to diminish her.)

Anyway – before I get to my point – which always takes longer than necessary – on the cover of the DVD case wherein Diego saves Christmas, there is a picture of Diego riding on the back of what I thought was a goat. 

I just realized, after listening to Julia saying "Glomma" a few times downstairs, that Diego is, in fact, riding a Llama.  Not that it makes all that much more sense to me, but then I haven’t watched these stories yet. 

I bought the DVD to keep my kids distracted yesterday (while Bill lay on the couch immobilized by a migraine) so that I could keep working on the cookies.  The endless cookies.  I admit it.  I bought the DVD to babysit the kids.  It worked.  I love Diego and Dora.

So onto my point.  I was sitting here a couple of minutes ago checking email – we just got back from a trip to the kids’ doctor – Julia has pink-eye.  Yippee.  So anyway, they’re downstairs reliving the thrill of Diego saving Christmas AND learning Spanish words at the same time, which is the coolest thing about these DVDs, to me.  My kids are learning to speak another language.  Dora and Diego will share a word in English, and then say the Spanish equivalent, and then ask the children watching them to repeat the word back to them.  My kids join right in.  With enthusiasm.  It’s pretty cool (or super cool). 

In this particular moment, apparently there was some sort of danger lurking about, and Diego was telling them to be careful. 

"When we want to say ‘be careful’ we say ‘cuidado!’ Say CUIDADO!"

Dora and Diego holler a lot, by the way. 

But anyway – like good little students, Alex and Julia authoratatively holler the word back at the TV:


I wish it was cold and snowy and icy outside right now, just so I could yell "Gwee-gah-go!" at someone.

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  1. Diego and Dora are so good at babysitting. Except that every now and again I find myself suckered into sitting on the couch watching with my son – he says he can’t yell loud enough to make the tv do anything when he’s by himself.

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