Caring and Sharing

After a balmy start to winter, we’ve been finally having, for the last few weeks, actual cold, winter weather.  Until today.  Today it shot up to 53 F or so…before that it’s been hovering around freezing or way below.  No snow – just ice and freezing rain.  Not a lot of fun for the kids to play in.

And as my mother and Bill’s mother did when we were growing up, Bill and I have been teaching our kids how important – and kind – it is to feed the birds outside.  We’ve got a few feeders for seed, and I save crusts of bread and stuff like that for them.  Then I divide up the food between Alex and Julia, and bring them outside to the back yard to toss handfuls of the mixture all over the yard for all our cold, hungry feathered friends.  (And the squirrels – Julia is always careful to include them.)

A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday, we had done just that – tossed a ton of dried bits of bread and bagels and little bits of apple and dried fruits and who knows what else all over the back yard.  The birds don’t immediately show up – I’m sure they are frightened of Julia – so we went back inside and carefully ignored the windows facing the back yard.

Later on that afternoon, Julia was taking her nap and Bill and Alex had gone to the store and I was doing dishes and looking out at the back yard.  So of course, no one was home to see the grateful flock of little birdies descend on the feast.  Except me.  And my camera.

Adorable, aren’t they?


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