Scene of Change

I feel myself wanting to post stuff again, rather than just bombarding my sister’s email with my kids’ antics and my witty (heh heh) observations on life.

So…I have changed the look of this site just a tiny bit – new template – not sure how long it’ll stay up, but I was tired of the old one.

I have to update all the links to other sites…I don’t know…I just need to freshen the place up, I guess.  New year, new look.  Something along those lines.

I’m taking an introductory yoga class on Monday nights – it’s only a 4 week program, and tonight’s the third night…we also (as a family) joined the local Y…mostly so I could go and the kids can play and do fun activities while I finally start to work out again.  I’ve got a workshop thing to go to tomorrow night to learn how to use all the equipment, because I’ve never used any of it before.  I’ve been a loner as far as exercise goes – mostly because it was cheap and easier and I’m basically shy and hyper-paranoid that everyone’s looking at me and making notes of my hideous flabby areas – you know, the typical stuff insecure folk like myself imagine.  But I just need to do this – I need to get into some semblance of better shape, and I also want to set a better example for my kids.  And I want to look better, dammit.  I’m tired of looking in the mirror and feeling old and lumpy. 

So – that’s my project for now.  Me. 

Gotta go – I’m at work, perhaps I should actually do some of the stuff they pay me for…

2 thoughts on “Scene of Change

  1. Good for you for thinking of you! And joining the Y! That is how I started exercising- not as a way of “have to” and “shoulds” but more of this is something I am doing FOR ME. I started running when Conor was six months old, basically because I could NOT take the kids with me. If I walked, someone could make me take them with me. But if I ran……. then I could do it by myself, see? And myself=no kids. I could have cared less if I was belly dancing naked on the front steps of town hall at that point. There were no children to take care of. So my point is, enjoy your time at the Y!!

  2. Hi Beth! That’s it exactly – I needed to do that for me. Carve out time for me. And really, the only way to do that seemed to be do do something outside of my home. If I’m home – they can always find me. And I just haven’t been able to get myself up an hour or so earlier than normal in order to work out at home then. So – this is the best option for right now.

    Plus it’s too cold to belly dance naked on the front steps of town hall. At least for me. Maybe a warm hat would help…

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