My Kids

Forty Three Degrees

Well…Sid’s not going to last much longer.  It’s been warming up, and a little while ago I noticed him leaning backwards, gazing beseechingly at the sky, wondering about the meaning of his all-too-brief existence.


I just looked out again. 

His head has fallen off.

I don’t know why, but I sort of find the whole thing a little funny.

Alex doesn’t, though.  He really wanted Daddy to see the snowman.  I showed him some of the pictures I’d taken (but not this one – the pictures from a happier time) and said at least we can show Daddy the pictures…but that didn’t help. 

He wandered around the kitchen, quiet for a moment, and then he said "But I wanted to show Daddy a REAL snowman and if we show him a picture of a snowman it’s not the same thing because a picture’s not REAL!"

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