So I’m messing around some more with the look and content of this little site o’mine.  It’s still in the works.  It would help if I had a more concrete idea of what I’m trying to achieve…but, well, I don’t.

I’m home today.  Julia has had a cough and was up last night with a fever – which meant I was up a bunch of times too.  We decided to take the day off.  Alex is here too – mostly because I’m too lazy to go to the bother of bringing him to daycare with a sick child in tow…and then having to go back and get him later.  Plus, I like being home with both of them, most of the time.  They keep each other entertained a lot, which frees me up to do things like the dishes or read my email or the news or repeatedly change the number of columns on this blog. 

The right column originally contained (according to the description of that template) all my "most recent photos."

There were two.  And they’re from December.  So clearly I’ve been slacking in that department. 

Well, no, not really.  I’ve taken pictures.  I just haven’t posted any recently.  So…I’ll go through my own photo archives and see what’s interesting enough to add to the mix.

Well, here are a couple for now…Julia_and_bill_playing_electric_112006

This was taken in November – Julia really likes the whammy bar.

And so…


Santa brought Julia her own pink electric guitar – with whammy bar.  Bill is doing a sound check…

And since it’s unheard of to own just ONE guitar…

Bill recently came home with a pink ukelele – Julia’s "new big guitar!" It’s hard to see in the image below…Img_2471

It’s in her left hand, along with her pink elephant and her Dora sippy cup.

I’ll announce tour dates when the schedule is set.

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