My Kids


I get back in the car after putting $20.00 worth of gas in the tank. 

While I’d been standing outside, I saw the signs that there was conflict broiling between the little daughter and the little son of mine.  Julia’s smug grin…Alex’s furrowed brow…who had done what now?

As I buckled myself in, Alex announced "Mommy, Herky’s on the floor but I didn’t do it on purpose I was trying to give him to Julia."  Herky – short for Hercules – is a little brown and tan stuffed animal pug.  He’s named after the real live version owned by our nephew Joe and his girlfriend, Emily. 

Alex continued to bombard me with explanations of how he didn’t mean to have Herky fall on the floor, and it was by an accident, and could I please give Herky to Julia?  I told him I believed him and that he didn’t do it on purpose.  Sometimes Alex lets things bother him a bit more than necessary.

Alex:  Yeah, well, Julia thinks I did it by on purpose.

We pull out of the gas station parking lot and onto Route 2 going North.

Alex:  Julia, do you think I did it by on purpose?

Julia:  Nope!

Alex:  Well, well do you think I did it by accident?

Julia:  Nope!

Alex:  Do you think I did it by mistake?

(He is sounding more and more…I don’t know, not frantic, but something like it)

Julia:  (pertly) Nope! (I can just tell she’s grinning.  I hear Alex sigh loudly.)

Me:  Alex, I don’t think she really understands what those words mean.

Alex: Well then Julia, what do you think it was by?

Julia:  By a tree!

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