Img_3614_2 Yesterday my husband planted two kinds of peas, and today he planted broccoli rabe in about 30 squares in the main garden.  The peas and the rabe are cool weather "crops" and will do fine even if it shows tonight, which it’s supposed to.  Bill will start most of the other seeds indoors soon, and after we harvest the rabe in May, it’ll be time to put all the other seedlings in.


Before planting the rabe, Bill mixed some manure into the soil, which has already been mixed with compost from our overflowing bins behind the garage.


While he did that, I looked around for tiny signs of spring.  In the photo above we’ve got chives coming up…


New growth and leaf buds on our monster climbing rose…


And a mini crocus or two or three coming up along the front walk.

Happy Spring!

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