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Easter Recap

We had a nice little kid-oriented Easter.  Julia woke up around quarter to seven.  I thought I could get her to go right back to sleep after she used the potty, but then – amazingly – Bill was out of bed and ready to go.  So down the stairs we went to see what the Easter Bunny had brought.

Bill recorded the hunt for the Easter eggs on our little DVD camera.  The kids were very cute – shrieking "I FOUND ANOTHER ONE!" every few minutes.  Alex helped Julia at first, until she got the hang of it.  He’d find two eggs and give her one.  He’s a good little man.  Eventually she got into it, and they both scurried from room, in search of. 


Bill (Mr. Easter Bunny) got them some MAJOR bubble-blowing contraptions, and despite the wintery temperatures, we went outside after breakfast so the kids (big and small) could "do bubbles."


Pretty cool stuff.  But very cold – we didn’t last for very long out there.


Later on, we went to my cousin’s house for a late brunch, preceded by their annual Easter egg hunt for all the kids on both sides of the family.  This year there were only three little kids competing for the eggs in the front yard.  The older kids had a separate hunt in the back yard.  Alex was off and running.  He had scoped out the yard a bit when we arrived, so he just bee-lined from egg to egg, a man on a mission.  Julia did well for herself – she had some help, but hey, she’s the very youngest.  Alex found a total of 29 eggs, and Julia a respectable 21.  I don’t know how many the other little boy found, but he did well for himself, too.


Brunch was great – as always.  It’s one of those annual gatherings where certain people are basically required to bring the same dish every year.  My cousin’s wife makes a couple different pans of stuffed french toast…someone else makes a pan of potatoes and eggs and chourizo…someone else brings the baked ham…someone else – the seafood lasagne.  Ahh.  There are other things too – bagels, a couple of quick breads, fruit salad, devilled (deviled?) eggs, chocolate covered strawberries (my kids loved them) and carrot cake cupcakes.  And wonderful coffee.  Lots of coffee.  And mimosas.

My son ate a couple platefuls of food – I didn’t even see what he had, but I know he went back, on his own, to get seconds.  He also consumed many strawberries.  Julia didn’t want much of anything – she was busy being shy, which meant she was stuck to my upper body like large and weighty brooch.  But.  She eventually tried some of my seafood lasagne, and she basically ate most of it.  Then she went into the kitchen and asked for some on her own.  She is tiny.  And she’s standing there looking at my cousin, Steve, who is holding a plate and giving her a questioning look.  He looked at me – "She wants seafood lasagne?"  Yep.  Load her up.  She ate all of it.


On the ride home – about twenty minutes or so – she was asleep in maybe two minutes.Zonked right out. 


We were all tired – except Alex.  We all took naps – except Alex.  I woke up listening to him playing in the living room…I think a T-rex was chasing a stuffed bunny rabbit or something like that.  All I could hear were sounds like "aarrrggghhhh!"  "ppppkkkkkttttt!!!"  "DOH!"  "kkkkkkkaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-ssssppppppttttt" "NO!" and so on.  It was pretty entertaining, actually. 

And that was about it.  This week has been busy for me at work…the weather has been nice but we’re supposed to get snow/rain/sleet/who knows what starting later tonight.  Which means who knows when the peas and broccoli rabe will poke through the ground.  I wouldn’t if I were them. 


Bill transplanted some of our little seedlings on Sunday as well, and he had them outside for a few hours the other day, to start hardening them off. 

I guess that’s about it for the moment.  This Saturday is my husband’s  High Holy Day, as I have written about in the past.  So he and his best friend, John, will set off on their quest to catch their limit of trout.  I haven’t decided what I’ll do that morning.  I’m quite sure it won’t involve sleeping late, since my kids invariably wake up three seconds after Bill and his fishing partner (whoever it may be) drive away from the house.  I’ll see.  Many possibilities, since I’m in kind of a clean out the house frame of mind.  So…who knows.

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