Garden Update

This morning I took a few pictures out the front window.  It rained last night and everything was still sparkling and dewy…


These were the first two pansy blossoms left over from last year…

And these…


are some of the pansies my son picked out last weekend. 


And there were white ones too, like this bud.

Meanwhile, in the basement, those seeds Bill planted last weekend have sprouted and the seedlings are shooting up tall and skinny.  Much like my husband did when he was a sprout, I imagine…


Here’s some arugula underneath the plastic cover…


And through this hole in the plastic, you can see some summer thyme.


And finally, some swiss chard.

There are lots more little baby plants poking up through the soil.  I haven’t checked outside to see how the broccoli rabe is doing.  I don’t believe the peas are up yet.  But it’s just a matter of time.

We’ve got lots of tulips coming up too – we planted a ton of bulbs in the front gardens, along the front walk, and in the garden beside the driveway.  Our lone daffodil blossom was ready to bloom on Sunday…until a small child stepped on it.  Not sure if the small child was ours or the neighbor’s.  Ah well.  There will be more….

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  1. You take absolutely beautiful photographs, and they are the perfect complement to your blog. I wish I had a fraction of your talent!

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