I knew I’d taken this picture…I was taking shots of the gardens, my kids, flowers…and the lobster pots and buoys behind the garage.  I loaded everything from my camera into my laptop, and later on did some organizing…things garden-related…things kid-related…and things I wanted to eventually post here.

And I lost the picture.  I found one that I liked of a couple of buoys.  And a lobster pot image.  My husband has a non-commercial lobstering license.  He can drop up to 5 pots.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a boat at the moment, so lobstering is kind of in limbo.

But anyway.  Tonight I sat down with the Red Sox on the tv and decided I’d change the banner.  Time for something that just screams SPRING.  I think I’ve managed that. 

And then – over to the left side of my desktop…below a line of other icons…there it was.  The icon for this picture.

And now…I can share it with you….behold…


Alex was here….

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