Not a Looser

I had a splitting headache the other night.  I had the kids to deal with, dinner, dishes, bedtimes, all that stuff – but I really wanted to run outside and take a few pictures of the flowers.  It’s my favorite part of spring – everything is just bursting out now, and every day offers a different variety of new colors and shapes.

So after dinner and dishes but before bedtimes, I ducked outside and shot a bunch of pictures.  I was most excited about the peony buds.  Peonies and ants live in harmony – the ants crawling all over the buds slurping up peony nectar, I imagine.  Anyway – it looks wrong, but all is right with the universe when the ants are crawling around on peony buds.

I hovered above the buds and snapped away, hoping to get an ant or two.

I came in and later uploaded what, in my mind, were a series of award-winning shots of bugs with flowers.  And then I looked at them – and they looked horrible.  That’s it.  I suck.  I closed the laptop, put the camera away, put the kids to bed, took a bath, and then went to bed myself.

The next day I basically fretted on and off about my pitiful pictures.  I grew up with a photographer father, and you’d think I might have at least learned how to focus properly.  I am a loser, and I suck. 

I emailed my sister throughout the day hollering via italics and caps "I’m a LOOSER" – and yes, it’s spelled incorrectly ON PURPOSE.  To emphasize my LOOSERNESS.

Well, that night I looked at them again, and surprise, surprise, they don’t totally suck.

So I played around with some of them, cropping and enlarging just to see how much detail I could pull out of them.

Like this:


which then became this:


Or this:


to this:


and this:


It’s fun stuff.

You can see the rest of tonight’s play time here.

Moral of the story?  Don’t look at your new photos critically when you have a splitting headache.  Wait a day.

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