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Bill called me at work yesterday afternoon – he'd picked up some sushi-grade tuna steaks and would be grilling them (just ever so slightly) for dinner, along with some zucchini.  And he'd make rice.

It's a lovely thing to have someone else decide what to make for dinner.

Anyway, I got home with the kids, and dinner was just about ready – just waiting for the rice.

I changed into more comfortable clothes, and put the kids in bathing suits and we watched them play in the pool their Uncle Bob recently gave to them as a joint birthday present.

They had fun:



And after a lot of screaming and squealing and laughter, we ate dinner outside on the deck.

When they were finished, the kids went back to play in the pool some more, and I wandered around taking pictures of flowers and pea tendrils and whatever else looked interesting.

I especially like this:


That's it for the moment.  I'm home right now – I'll be taking Alex in for his pre-K testing in a little while, then dropping the kids off at daycare and going in to work. 

It's warm.  Summer's here.

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