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Clambake – An All-Day Affair


A couple of Saturdays ago, Bill and I took the kids and some clam rakes and metal baskets and gloves and the kids' plastic gardening tools and my camera down to Galilee to dig clams.  Bill had bought about four pounds of soft shell clams, or steamers, earlier, but in order to do the clambake we needed rockweed (a type of seaweed) and since we had to get that, we might as well dig for more steamers while we were there.

My Kids

Kindergarten Here We Come

Alex's preschool graduation was today. Yes, I know - preschool graduation.  What next?  Newborns will be switching their tassles over from one side to the other right after the nurse weighs and measures them.  Congratulations!  You've graduated from the womb! But anyway.  They had gratuation this morning, complete with little red borrowed caps and gowns. … Continue reading Kindergarten Here We Come