Good Morning

  I was outside around 6 this morning while the kids watched "Stuart Little 3" and Bill slept. 

I love this time of day…I like the angle of the sun and the dew on everything.  Here’s a bit of what I saw out there…





Now do you see the little pink reflection in the water droplets above?


It’s a reflection of the pink rose above it.  Isn’t that cool?  If I had a different lens, I could have captured more detail…but still…kind of a fun little moment in my morning.  (Yes, I’m goofy.)








(Mere?  This one above is the one I was talking about…can’t remember what it’s called.)



And that’s the lot.  Well, there were more, but this is a representative sampling.

Today we’ve got Alex’s preschool "graduation" to go to – that’s a bit later this morning.  After that we may go to the pet store and get another lizard.  The frog that shared the tank with the anole was found dead last Saturday morning in a corner of the tank.  So no more mixing of amphibians and reptiles in the same tank, according to Bill.  He saw some other kind of anole that he wants to get, so I think we’ll be adding that creature to the menagerie this afternoon. 

For now, that’s all.  Have to start figuring out what the cute clothes I can make the kids wear for the song-fest today.  Alex told me they will be singing "We love our flag," "My country ’tis of thee," "Take me out to the ballgame," and a couple of other graduation-themed songs like "hello kindergarten" and "bye bye preschool" or something like that.  He says he has to stand during all of this (because he’s in the oldest of the 3 preschool groups…plus he’s tall) and he doesn’t want to because then his legs will hurt.  Uh huh.  You’re singing anyway, buddy.  Your legs will be fine. 

The other night he told me he didn’t want to sing because all his teeth would pop out.  I don’t know where he gets these ideas.  But I told him that he could bring a bowl with him to catch his teeth if it happened.

Have a lovely day, wherever you are!

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  1. I LOVE the one with the roses reflected in the dew drops! I would buy a print of that one. Can I have permission to borrow the digital form? I promise to use proper acknowledgement.

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