It’s called SPELL check. Not WORD CHOICE check.

I received the following sentence in an email from someone who works at another company that my company deals with on a daily basis:

"…thank you for your quick response and sorry for your incontinence."


Now, the thing is, I received something similar a few months ago:

"…and sorry for any incontinence."

Um, I did my kegel exercises before, during and after both of my pregnancies.  I don’t have any incontinence. 

I DO, however, have IMPATIENCE with people who trust the spell check function not only to point out the incorrect spelling in a document, but also to decide which word to substitute for the misspelled one.  I’m sure (well, okay, not sure, but I’m HOPEFUL) that both individuals typed "inconvenience" incorrectly and when spell check offered up some choices, both people just clicked on the first word on the list.  And that word, two times, happened to be…incontinence. 

I don’t care if people spell things wrong in a casual email – I’m sure I do it myself.  But – for business purposes?  Perhaps a bit of proofreading before you hit the send button, hm? 

Just a thought. 

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