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And all I could do was laugh

We took the kids to a small Art Festival just over the Connecticut line this morning – a friend of a friend was selling her photography and I wanted to go there and see her work.

By the way – and this has nothing really to do with my story – it’s really hot and really humid. 

Anyway, we got there and ventured reluctantly out of the air-conditioned car to see the various displays.  It was a pretty small event.  And the photos were clearly the best examples of talent and all that.  I bought one.  But I digress.

Of course, neither kid wanted to be out in the hot sun, and Alex began complaining immediately as we trudged from the car to the first exhibit. 

I was carrying Julia.

While the woman at the first display showed us her painted boxes and things, we listened politely and Alex complained some more about the heat…and then Julia sneezed. 

Let me interrupt here to show you this picture:


I got Julia those festive hair things for Easter this year, and she finally wore them again today.  I have been desperately trying to get her to wear her hair up in pony tails or something, because I personally can’t stand to feel my own hair sticking to the sweat on the back of my neck or across my face in this hideous weather.  But she doesn’t seem to care.  And so I almost fell over this morning when she consented to my offer to put her hair up.  I took full advanage of the opportunity to do the girly thing, and so even though they didn’t really match what she was wearing, I put these bright, frou-frouey bejeweled things in her hair.

Okay, back to the Art Festival.

Ah yes – Julia sneezed.  She’s had a bit of a cold or something, so her sneezes are, shall we say, productive.

First thing I saw was some of that productivity dripping from her left nostril.  But I was soon distracted by what her right nostril had produced.  And I showed Bill.  And then I just burst out laughing and carried her back to the car to clean her up.

And if you dare, you can look below to see what I saw…


I don’t know when…and I don’t know why, other than that she’s three, and that’s part of what it means to BE three. 

Anyway, just thought I’d share….

3 thoughts on “And all I could do was laugh

  1. Is it a peice of candy that she was eating or glitter from the hair ties? That is just too funny! Julia is gonna be so mad at you for posting this to the WWW when she gets to be about 11! I can’t stop laughing!!!!!

  2. It’s from the hair ties. I was thinking it would have been REALLY impressive if a little blue bead from the other hair tie had come out her left nostril…

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