But wasn’t it just June yesterday?

July just flew by – not gracefully, but swiftly.  We had family staying with us two separate weeks, and the weeks in between were full of us trying to catch up with laundry and everything else around here.

So no, I didn’t spend any time writing here…though I thought about it a lot.  I took lots of pictures as we went here and there, and I PLAN to write and post pictures over the next coming days as a sort of recap of the month that was.

For now, here’s a picture before I head off to work:


July 13th.  I love the sky like this.

Okay, two pictures.


Happy First of August.  May you all survive the humidity! (If you are so unfortunate to have to bear it.  Like I am.  Ugh.)

2 thoughts on “But wasn’t it just June yesterday?

  1. August is pretty humid and yuccy in Maine too. It’s the longest month of the year for me. Even though we lose an hour and fifteen minutes of daylight by months end I am so glad for the cooler drier air that comes with September I don’t much care.

    I liked being reminded of the RI air shows. We came to Kingston most summers when I was a kid to visit relatives and often the trip included the air show and rock candy!
    I look forward to your pictures and stories of the kids July adventures!

  2. I think New England as a whole is humid in August. And I agree with you about the cool, dry air as Sept rolls around. Autumn is my favorite season anyway – I like the sunny days, but I love the cool, crisp mornings the best.

    Speaking of Kingston – I grew up in Wakefield. Small world, huh?

    Good to hear from you!

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