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Camp Song

We went camping Friday night – just the one night is enough while Julia is three.  She…well, she’s Julia.  She wants to be carried.  I don’t want to carry her.  So she will stand there.  And I’ll say "fine, stay there" and start to walk away.  And she’ll holler out "MOMMY!!!!" and I’ll turn back to her and say "well then come on!" and she will move her left foot forward half an inch, then the right, then the left, all the while looking at me like "Okay, Mom, you want me to walk?  THIS is how I’m going to do it!"

It’s fun. 

But anyway, apart from that aspect of it, things went pretty well.  Alex had a blast.  His favorite part?

Going fishing…


and catching bullfrogs.  Meet Jeremiah.

You can see a few more of the camping pictures on my flickr site.

The best part, of course, is all the camp songs.  The singing together.  Bill brought Julia’s pink ukelele and pretty much kept all the wild animals far away from us while we were at our site.  And on the ride home, Alex and Julia took turns playing tunes and singing the words to the classics at the top of their lungs:

"…and though she’s not really ill

there’s a little yellow pill

she goes running for the shelter

of a mother’s little helper

and it gets her on her way

gets her through her busy day

…doctor pleeeeease, some more of theeeeeeese

outside the dooooooooooooor, she took four mooooooooooooore

what a drag it is getting old!"

And if you can imagine a sweet little five-year-old-boy voice singing in Mick Jagger’s accent, you’ve got the whole picture.

3 thoughts on “Camp Song

  1. That is the biggest frog I have ever seen!

    I love the expression in Jeremiah’s eyeballs. He looks mildly annoyed, yet he’s trying to be patient, and just endure.

  2. Hahahaha! You’re right – that’s exactly how he looks! He was a pretty tolerant guy, considering all he went through. Not only did they catch him on a hook with a rubber worm (dang! no meal!) but they put him in a bucket and brought him back to our camp site, just to try to scare Julia and me. Didn’t work, though it was a little startling to see him pop into the tent. But then Bill caught him, we had our photo shoot, and then as a family we brought him back to his beloved muck and mud at the edge of the pond. And we had hot dogs for dinner instead of frog legs….

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