No, not the computers, the apples.

It’s apple-picking time.  Last weekend we took the kids and my sister’s kids on our nearly-annual apple-picking journey.  All the kids look forward to it, and every year it’s over so quickly – so many ripe apples to pluck and only so much space in the bags they give you.

This year we went (again) to Jaswell’s Farm in Smithfield, RI.  Not only were there apples to pick, but they also had a huge field of pumpkins to pick and choose from, not to mention a wide variety of produce and baked goods in their little store.




Besides a ton of apples, we got a dozen ears of super-fresh corn, and – it’s practically required – some apple cider. 

The cider was gone by the next morning – we should have picked up more while we were there.  Ah well – we can go back. 

And – the other important part of this nearly-annual field trip (we didn’t make it last year for some reason) is the group shot of the cousins.  Here’s one of them – I shot around 20 and still haven’t decided which one(s) to polish up and print.  But I like this one – it’s fun.


I’ve got a busy weekend ahead – unfortunately not a ton of computer time available either until Sunday afternoon.  Hope you have a great weekend wherever you are, with whatever it is you’re doing! 

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