Easy Herb Batter Bread – (the first bread I learned to make)


My mom belonged to a local garden club when I was a kid – and well beyond that, actually.  They did a lot to make the town look nice – the trees planted along main street were their doing, for instance.  "Project Beautification" is a program I seem to remember…

Anyway, another project one year was a little cookbook called Indian Run Gardeners Cook Book.  The name "Indian Run" refers (if memory serves) to a little brook that runs parallel to part of Route 108 near Old Mountain Field.  All the members of the club provided a menu and at least one recipe for that menu. 

Here's the cover of my copy. 

Tag, I’m It…8 Things You Don’t (or Might Not) Know About Me

Leigh over at Red Pony Farm tagged me yesterday, so here goes.  I wanted to think about it a bit first, but the World Series is preventing me from much independent thinking right now.  And from sleep. So here goes…. 1.  I used to want to be a private detective.  My best friend and IContinue reading “Tag, I’m It…8 Things You Don’t (or Might Not) Know About Me”