A Blank

Once again, I have free time – about half an hour – and I stare at the screen of my laptop and my mind looks exactly like this:

Yes.  It’s scary.  I don’t like the feeling.  I can usually summon up a ton of annoying "listen to what my kids just did/said/drew/threw/sang/danced/destroyed/ate" stories.  But this morning…not a one.

I’m sitting here on the love seat next to the large front window in our living room.  (The main floor living room, the one with the fireplace and the lizard tank…not the basement living room, which has the giant mess of too many toys and the fish tank.)  I like sitting here while I type, because I can look outside at the still-blooming geraniums and those little pink flowers, whatever they are, in the window box, and also look at the leaves turning colors and falling to the ground across the street. 

I’m so glad it finally feels like autumn.  My favorite season.  So glad the leaves have finally really begun to change colors.  I like the overall effect – the crisp, cool air, the blue sky, the fiery calico of reds and golds and yellows, and the orange of the pumpkins on front steps. 

This is about where I should bombard you with pictures I’ve taken of all these autumn leaves…only I don’t have any at the moment.  I haven’t taken pictures of any of them yet.  And today, despite my loving description in the previous paragraph, is actually a bit muggy and not at all crisp, it’s drizzly, there’s rain in the forecast, and I’ll need to get ready for work soon.  Hopefully this weekend I can get out and capture some of the current colors.  Sunday is supposed to be nice.

So, in the meantime, and because I have an echo chamber inside my skull instead of anything creative or productive, here is a picture from nearly a month ago, when it felt like summer, and the colors were different, but just as bright.


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  1. Hi. I just wanted to tell you that even when you don’t feel creative I still enjoy reading your musings. Your Blog is my first stop every morning when I get into work. Keep up the good work. Your daughter is adorable.

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