But first I’ll do this…

I don’t know why I’m procrastinating, but I am.  I’m home today – Julia has some kind of virus that sent her home from daycare yesterday with a low grade fever and red splotches – looks like a rash but there’s no "texture" to it on her skin.  And it’s not chicken pox.  And she seems perfectly fine, too.  She was a bundle of energy yesterday, and thoroughly perky and jolly at the doctor’s office, and she’s been a busy little bee this morning as well.

She has been my "excuse" for not sitting down and typing.  I figured she’d probably interrupt me too often for me to get much accomplished.

So instead, I did the following:

Filled and ran the dishwasher.

Put away the dry pots and things in the rack from last night.

Washed the dishes that were in the sink.

Reheated my coffee.

Made myself some breakfast.


Folded the laundry in the dryer, moved the wash into the dryer, and re-filled the washer.

Put a bunch of clean clothes and towels away.

Sat with Julia on the couch and watched 10 minutes of "Winnie the Pooh:  Tiggerific Tales." 

Checked email.

Read other blogs.

Folded another load of laundry, moved wash to dryer, and put another load in to wash. 

Julia helped load the washing machine.

She also helped match up socks.

Removed all the summer clothes from the kids’ bureaus and packed them away for next spring.

Put all the things Julia has outgrown in a laundry basket to be donated somewhere. 

Tossed some clothes just too ratty to donate to anyone.

Helped Julia put her mittens on.  (She got into the winter clothes.  At one point she had put on a pink and white striped winter hat and one of the matching mittens.  We haven’t found the other mitten yet.  That’s probably why she ditched the solo mitten and wanted her sparkly pink PAIR of mittens on.  The thumbs gave us problems, but we worked them out.)

Fixed lunch for Julia (Chef Boyardee ravioli) and emptied the dishwasher while she ate.

Brought her to bed for her nap (despite her protests) and tucked her in and gave her kisses.

Brought my laptop and some cookbooks I need to reference downstairs, put the food channel on the TV, turned the volume down a bit, and kicked my slippers off.

Heard a thud, and then the pitter patter of Julia’s feet as she scurried down a flight and a half of stairs, and then listened to her laugh with delight when I told her to go back to bed.  She laughed the whole way back to her room.  She’s up there now, staying in bed – or at least in her room – and playing and singing and not taking a nap.  But that’s okay.  She will fall asleep eventually.

And I think that’s everything.  The dryer just shut off, so I feel the pull of fold-worthy clothes tugging at my elbow, but I am resisting.

So enough of this post.  I have some food to talk about in the next one.

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