Cryptic No More

I will be jobless at the end of November. 

Possibly into the beginning of December.  There’s some flexibility.  If they need me, I’ll stay a little longer.

That’s the cliff I was talking about a while back.  It was officially "announced" at work yesterday.  So now it’s real. 

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve got some ads up now.  Yep.  I do. 

And I’ll be stepping up production over at Eclectic Garden as well. 

And assorted other things…

Anyway, that’s what’s going on, in a little tiny nut shell. 

Have to go now and get the kids moving along.

Julia just yelled "You’re a Freezing Potato Cow!" at Alex. 

I’d better go break it up before it gets any worse.

One thought on “Cryptic No More

  1. Wow, Jayne, I know the feeling. I’m there right now myself. I get it.

    And “Freezing Potato Cow”? That cuts to the core, man.

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