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Yesterday we had a little Halloween party for our kids and some of Alex’s friends.  I had them decorate halloween cookies, and originally I was going to have some sort of haunted part of the house with stuff to touch, like cold spaghetti for brains (or guts) and peeled grapes for eyeballs.

But Saturday I felt like I was coming down with something, and I really didn’t have any desire to peel grapes.

So instead, I made a spider web in the back yard and then wove separate lengths of string from the gate through the web and ultimately to their little goodie bags hidden around the edges of the yard.

Here’s the view from our second floor:


The original web was more web-like in appearance.  This is after I wove all the string mazes through it all.  The whole web was about chest high on me, so taller than Alex, and he’s the tallest of the group of kids.  So no child was decapitated during the event.

And you know, it was the best fun, making this thing.  Especially the original web itself.  I was out there by myself laughing with delight.  (So I’m sure I looked like quite the lunatic to anyone walking by…) 

And it went pretty well, the game part.  It was a little frustrating for some of them, having to follow the strings and unloop them from the main web lines, but still, everyone ended up with chocolate eyeballs and spooky tattoos and rubber bats and spiders, so overall, the web maze was a success.

I actually thought of writing "Boo" or something in the web, but I didn’t have enough string.  Maybe next year….

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