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"All of my stuffed animals are circus animals…even me!" (Alex)

Yesterday I got a call at work around noon – Julia had a fever of 104 – so I changed my voicemail and sent a quick email to people to let them know I had to leave.  When I arrived at daycare, all the other little kids were asleep on their cots, covered with blankets, except Julia.  She sat on a little chair, a blanket across her lap, waiting quietly.  They had given her tylenol, but it hadn’t kicked in yet.  She still felt hot when I carried her to the car, and she was sad-sounding "Mommy, I don’t feel good…."

We hung out on the couch and watched Dora and other movies until we both dozed off.

Today she’s still warm – 101 – so my husband is staying with her for the day.  And Alex has to go to kindergarten.  Bill’s downstairs explaining this to him now.  Wonder how that will go.

Okay, I thought I’d be able to post more, but apparently not.  Gotta go get Alex moving along.  And me.

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