Tag, I’m It…8 Things You Don’t (or Might Not) Know About Me

Leigh over at Red Pony Farm tagged me yesterday, so here goes.  I wanted to think about it a bit first, but the World Series is preventing me from much independent thinking right now.  And from sleep.

So here goes….

1.  I used to want to be a private detective.  My best friend and I (we were around 11 or so, I guess) had our own detective agency, complete with a sign on the door. 

2.  I have a scar just below my left knee from a bicycle accident that occurred while on my paper route a week before I turned 13.  I had 6 stitches.  I watched the whole thing – very cool.

3.  I was a vegetarian for nearly a year.  I passed up lobster…but I couldn’t make it through Thanksgiving and Christmas meatlessly.

4.  Before I was old enough to get a driver’s license, I had an idea of what I wanted my first car to look like.  I didn’t know what make or model, but I wanted it to be red on the hood, then blend into purple, and then blend into blue at the trunk. 

5.  The first time I ever flew anywhere, I was in college, going to visit a friend in Texas.  The first leg landed in Austin.  As we were descending, motion sickness got me and I threw up into my hands.  (Yes, there was someone sitting next to me.  No one I knew.)  A flight attendant came by and asked if I was all right, and I sort of held up my vomity hands as an offering (evidence that no, I wasn’t all right) and she recoiled, handed me an airsick bag and hurried away.  She came by again a bit later, after I’d cleaned up, and this time I held out the bag for her, but no, she didn’t want to touch that, either.  I threw it away in the bathroom myself.  It was a mortifying and disgusting experience.  Fortunately, it hasn’t ever happened again.

6.  When I was a kid, I once stepped on a dead baby bird that had fallen out of a tree in our yard.  The bird was covered with dirt, for the most part.  I still remember the odd squishy feel of its stomach under my sneaker.

7.  I don’t like cauliflower. 

8.  I really like McDonalds cheeseburgers.

There.  That’s what I can come up with this morning.  I hope it was exciting and enlightening for you all. 

Time to go get my kids ready for school and daycare.  And me ready for work.

You know, I’m really looking forward to the end of November.

3 thoughts on “Tag, I’m It…8 Things You Don’t (or Might Not) Know About Me

  1. Oh, jayne. Somewhere on my blog I wrote — in answer to a meme — a very similar story about airplane barf. I totally get you. Traumatic. Mortifying. AND messy. Ugh.

    Also — I’m pretty sure I’m in love with your new garlicky banner. It is gorgeous, I swear I can taste it, and I want it to ask me to go steady, mkay?

  2. Tracey,

    I think your link to my garlic post probably made me decide to use the garlic in the new banner! And it also looked the best (to me) out of all the food shots I was considering at the time.

    Glad you like it!

  3. I Was a vegitarian for over a year about 18 years ago, because someone I respected (and still do) was (and still is). I started having nightmares and I would wake screaming and sweating because I was eating roast chicken. Oh my, I haven’t thought of that in years! I decided to face my fear and the fact that I am a carnivore at heart.
    Thanks so much for playing. I vey much enjoyed your 8 things.
    I seem to have forgotten an important part–I’m supposed to post the list of eight people I tag. I don’t think I can find 8 though. But, It will be a great opportunity to post a link to your amazing food blog.

    Oh AND, I’m so jealous of your getting out of the 9 to 5 grind and going for your dream! You go girl!

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