Winding Down

It’s finally starting to feel like October, temperature-wise (80 degree weather does NOT, in my opinion, belong in October.  Glad THAT’s over.) and so yesterday Bill picked some more herbs and I packed them in oil and froze them, like I talked about in this post a while back.  This time I added oregano, chives, tarragon and thai basil to the collection in the freezer, along with some more sage and basil, because we just have so much of them.

Bill also pulled the cilantro plants, which had ceased looking like cilantro and had transformed into seed-bearing coriander plants, like so:


While he and the kids pulled up the strawberry bed (we need to put them in a better spot next year – they just haven’t been doing well where they were.) I picked all the little seeds off the coriander plants.


This was not as tedious as it may sound – it was kind of relaxing, actually.  No thinking involved.  Just picking the seeds….


I’ve left them in a bowl to finish drying out, and then we’ll put them in a jar with the other herbs and spices and use them for spice mixtures and rubs throughout the winter.

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