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Again With the Fish Eyes

I was trying to come up with some clever title to this post that wouldn't give away what it was about.  Something that would make you (or someone) want to read more to find out what I was eventually getting at.

Nothing really worked.  So I gave up. 

We had fish last night.  I bought a couple of whole red snappers and Bill marinated them in ginger and garlic and soy sauce and rice vinegar and who knows what other wonderful stuff.

Here's how they looked while marinating:


And then he grilled them.  He also made this delicious concoction of pan fried rice noodles and spinach and shredded beef…and three different condiments for the noodles and/or the fish.

It was a fabulous meal.  I'll post recipes for the noodles and condiments some other time.  My main focus in this post is really about my daughter and her fearlessness in the face of fish eyes.

Yep.  She did it again.

Unbidden, unprovoked.  She just saw that they were there for the plucking.  And so, she went for them.


Yep.  That's the fish's head.  The body meat has been removed from the spine and consumed by the four of us.  But Julia does not believe in letting anything go to waste.




Nothing left on this one.


I not eating the bones!  Bones are yucky!

After she'd scooped and slurped the eyes from one fish, Bill asked, in a voice numb with horror, "Julia, do you want the eyes from the other fish, too?"

Well of course she did!


She put the eyeless carcass back on the platter and pulled the other one toward her plate.

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