Another Month

Well, apparently I’m staying until late December now, at work.  I have to say a part of me is disappointed, because I was really looking forward to having a bunch of ENTIRE days to do all the cookie baking I want to do this year.  But oh well, that ain’t gonna happen.  So this weekend I need to start really cranking things out.

The race, every year, is to get everything baked in time to ship them out to the relatives in other states in plenty of time for delivery BEFORE Christmas.  There have been years where I’ve spent gobs of money shipping them second day air or whatever, primarily because the baking ran late.

I think last year I got it all done in plenty of time – much to my own surprise.  So I know I can do it again. 

The trick is not to get in a panic about it.  Years ago, when I was single and had way more free time than I do now, I wanted to make these fancy schmancy cookie assortments for the immediate family.  It was a lot of work, and I had probably decided to do this the week before Christmas, so I was really crunched for time.  I ended up having a full blown anxiety attack one morning, overwhelmed by the pile of pressure I’d heaped on my own head.  I think my mother drove up and collected me and took me away from my torture chamber so I could think more rationally. 

I try not to get to that point any more.  Bill tells me every year "You don’t have to make ALL of the cookies.  Mom didn’t make every kind every year."  And I know that, but still, I have this NEED to make them all.  Maybe it’s because I’m still trying to get them all right.  I still have issues with a few of them – they just don’t come out consistently perfect (okay, there’s part of my problem right there – "perfect" is a tough standard to live up to all the time) and I am trying to figure out what I’m not doing right.

But anyway.  This weekend I’ll make the springerle because it is supposed to age a bit before you eat it.   The rest don’t have that same requirement, so I’ll just fit in whatever else appeals to me.  And I’ll post pictures as I go…too bad I couldn’t post the smells of spices and citrus and anise and everything else…can you imagine the traffic this blog would get?

Tonight, however, I’m making pie crust dough, and tomorrow I’ll bake two pies – apple and squash.  Squash, not pumpkin, because my father (he says) knows the difference, and he requests SQUASH.  So there.

And that’s the update, baking-wise and job-wise.  Time to go now, and herd the children toward the bathroom so they can brush their teeth.  Have a good day! 

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