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Bits and Pieces

I seem to be having some kind of blogger’s block these last few days.  I could do another cake post…but I wanted to make that a once a week thing going forward.  So I can’t.

My children haven’t eaten anything scary since the weekend, so there’s nothing to write about in that department (sorry, Beth.  hahahaha). 

My favorite line from Shrek the Third is "You, Frumpy Pigskin!" – it’s Prince Charming talking to Rumplestiltskin.  I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I heard it.  I picked up the DVD on Tuesday and if the kids could do without sleep they’d watch it around the clock.  And I wouldn’t mind.  Much.  Hee hee hee…frumpy pigskin.  I just love that.

I need to start eating better.  Again.

I still haven’t sorted out my entire shopping list of baking supplies for the cookie extravaganza.  I’ll do that this weekend.

My husband’s uncle passed away Tuesday.  He had been diagnosed with leukemia a year or two ago.  He was in his early eighties.  It was not unexpected, but still.  We’re going to the wake tonight.  The funeral tomorrow.  Bill’s playing something beautiful on guitar at the funeral.  I think – no, I know – he’s getting kind of tired of playing guitar at the funerals of his family members.  His mom died five years ago this month…Thankgiving has become a bittersweet holiday. 

I still don’t know when my last day at work will be.  It would be nice if they could let me know so I can let daycare know the time frame.

I have days where I forget how to cook.  Where my brain just can’t come up with anything interesting or original for dinner and I stand there staring at the shelves or in the fridge, and my mind is a complete and utter blank. 

See?  that’s the best I can do this morning.  Maybe I should get some whole fish again this weekend, just so I can have yet another eyeball story. 

Nah.  I need to space those out. 

Oh, this was exciting.  Bill had open house at the middle school last night and then he and a friend of his from the school were going out for a bite to eat after.  So I was home, kids were in bed, it was a little before nine.  I was watching something on TV and reading a book at the same time, and all of a sudden, all the power went out and it was pitch black in the basement.  Hm.  I waited a couple seconds, in case this was a temporary thing, but it wasn’t. 

And then I hear the trickle of water.  I sat up and listened more closely.  Yup.  A trickle of water.  From under the damn fish tank.  It was the stupid filter thing.  GAA.  I went upstairs and found the flashlight and came back down and peeked under the tank and sure enough, the stupid filter thing had a trickle – but a determined trickle – of water pouring down the side into the pink plastic bin that my husband had put underneath it the last time it leaked.  Yay.  Now what.  I have purposely avoided learning much about the workings of the fish tank because I have enough other stuff I know how to do, and I’m sort of stupid like that.  So I stared at the water and watched the level rise for a foolish moment or two…cursed Bill for GETTING to work late and go out with a friend and leave me here stuck with this power outage and nothing good on TV anyway but still…and now THIS.  Then I snapped out of it and got some towels and tried to soak up the water.  And some more towels.  And I called Bill’s cell phone to seek some guidance, but of course he doesn’t actually ever have the cell phone ON unless he needs to make a call, so that was pointless.  So I called his friend’s wife and asked if she could call HER husband and relay the message and have bill call me back.  So while I waited (in vain) for that…I looked at the stupid filter thing some more, and figured out which was the intake hose and followed that up to the tank and pulled it out of the water.  And for good measure, I pulled the other hose out too.  Eventually the trickle slowed and stopped and I could relax. 

And the power came back on in about half an hour as well…and then the stupid filter thing started making this annoyed and whiney motor sound…so I stuck the hoses back in the water, but the whining continued, so I just figured out which electric cord (among the 200 cords related in some way to the fish tank) and pulled it.  Problem solved. 

Bill finally got home and showed me how to solve the problems with less stress in the future, but I only half watched, and then I went to bed.  Stupid filter thing.

Okay, I have to go now.  I realize this was not all that entertaining or interesting, but hey, life is sometimes like that.  At least it’s a Friday.  Yay.

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  1. I hate fishtanks. Ours leaked at our old house when we were on vacation. We had to replace an entire wall and the carpet in our family room in our basement because of it. *&^%$#@ FISHTANKS!!!!

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