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Cakes – Jack O’ Lantern Cake – 1992

This was the first, um…representational cake that I can remember making.  It’s the first one I photographed, anyway.  It was for my sister’s birthday, and I remember feeling rather clever as I put this together.  It’s 4 layers of chocolate cake (always chocolate when it’s Mere’s birthday) with chocolate frosting in between.


I particularly remember how important it was to me that I achieve the CORRECT shade of orange to match the pumpkin I was copying.  I only had one of those little 4-packs of liquid food coloring, and I think I probably added red and yellow a drip at a time, stirring thoroughly after each addition before deciding what it needed more of.

The stem is an actual pumpkin stem – I think it fell off a pumpkin that I was picking up.  I know I soaked it in hot water for a while, maybe with a dash of bleach in there to kill any little germs or bugs hanging around.

It’s a jack o’lantern on one side, and on the back it says "Happy Birthday Meredith."  I piped the black on top of the orange…but if I were to do it again, I would probably cover the cake with fondant instead of frosting…and I’d actually cut out the eyes and nose and mouth so there would be that 3-dimensional element that’s lacking in this one.  I think I remember scooping frosting off the face of the pumpkin when I did this one.  I’d try to make the bottom of the pumpkin more rounded and realistic too.    

But still…not a bad start to my little hobby.

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