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Cakes – Natalie’s First Birthday – 1996


I have no notes on this one, and I’m thinking it might not even be chronologically correct in my little photo album of cakes…but oh well. 

We skip ahead a few years to my niece’s first birthday.  I used a Wilton teddy bear pan that we must have borrowed from someone because I don’t have it here.  I think it may have been borrowed from Beth…Beth?  That sound right?  Mere, do you remember?

Anyway, the cake pan came with pictures of suggested decorating themes…I think you could decorate the bear as a cheerleader, or, as in this case, a ballerina.  I don’t remember the other choices.  My sister went with the pinkest, girliest one because, well, she had a girl!

Somewhere I have pictures of Natalie – bald little Natalie – with pink frosting on her face and her mouth and eyes wide open in surprise or delight or a sugar rush.  Very cute. 

I think the cake was chocolate…if my sister was choosing the flavor, then it was definitely chocolate.

Gee, this is a really exciting and informative post, isn’t it?

That could be because I had some sort of snobby aversion to the cake pan – not just this one but any character cake pan.  I don’t know – I get weird like that at times.

But anyway – there you go.  I’m looking ahead at the next couple of pictures, and one of them is DEFINITELY way out of order here.  Oh well.  I will just follow along anyway.  Even though it will bother me.  I’m so easily bothered….

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