Do Intentions Count?

Well, I sincerely meant to write about either springerle or pfeffernusse last night, but clearly that didn’t happen.  After the kids’ swim class I baked off all the springerle that had been sitting out since I pressed and cut them the night before.  And they came out better than I expected, some of them.  That’s pretty typical for me – I think "oh this is the worst I’ve ever done" and then, well, no, not yet.  Keep trying, you’ll hit your worst eventually.

And then after all the cookies were baked and cooled (and a couple sampled, because, of course, you have to) and packed away, I had dinner and watched a bit of TV with my husband and then got sidetracked by what I was watching, and next thing I knew it was nearly time to go to bed.

So I do apologize.

And this morning – just not enough time to do a recipe justice, so yet again, I am putting off the writing.  Tonight I will roll out and cut AND bake the lebkuchen, so not sure if I’ll get to write anything tonight, either.  But Wednesday night I will NOT be baking anything (I think) and hopefully I can catch up on all this.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a lot of pans of springerle waiting to be baked:


Well, except for the top two pans on that rack.  The top one is an experiment – two nations merging: lebkuchen biscotti.  More on that when I write about lebkuchen.  And below that – the pfeffernusse that, when I took the picture, hadn’t been baked yet.  So this must have been Sunday night….

Anyway, thus began my baking.  So much more to do, and so little time because I’m stuck at work all day staring at my computer screen with very little to do now that I’ve trained some other people to do what I do.  I am not sure what my purpose is there, now, but apparently it is to take up space.

I do that pretty damn well.


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