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Halloween Pictures

Just wanted to put up a few pictures.  I’m home today – our fridge is malfunctioning (it’s running too cold, in areas, so for instance, we had blocks of milk and half-n-half available for our coffee this morning, but the ketchup, thank goodness, is fine.  We thawed some half-n-half for Bill’s coffee…and little dots of curdle floated to the top.  Nothing was wrong, really, other than the molecular issues caused by the freezing.  It looked oh, so tasty.  I drank mine black.) and the repair guy is coming this afternoon to expensively assess the situation.  In the meantime, I’ve got three birthday cakes to work on, all due tomorrow.  Some are already started.  And at some point I’ll go pick up the kids from daycare.

But in the meantime, for your amusement or entertainment or something…


This was earlier in the day.  The neighborhood holds a Halloween Parade every year, and we were all assembling in front of the organizer’s house.  It’s a huge event.  But anyway, here is my daughter, the Fairy Princess, fighting the neighbor’s Pirate kid.   Go Fairy Princess! 

And for fun, I messed around with effects this morning (because I procrastinate even when what I have to do is something I enjoy doing – like working on cakes.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.)  and came up with this:


A little freaky, I know.  But I was having fun AND putting off what I was supposed to be doing, so too bad.


And here’s my son, Batman, keeping an eye out for bad guys.  Thank goodness my children were on hand to keep the peace.


After dispatching the Pirate, Julia the Amazon Warrior Fairy Princess confronts Darth Vader. 
"Light Saber, Schmight Schmaber!" she tells him.  "You’re no match for my Sparkly Fairy Wand with Silvery Streamers and a Star On Top!"  And at that, Darth turned and ran, sobbing, for his mommy.


Once all the bad guys were taken care of, Batman and Julia the Amazon Warrior Fairy Princess took a break, had some popcorn, and laughed about the fun they’d had beating up thugs.  It’s fun to be a Super Hero.  And an Amazon Warrior Fairy Princess.


And here they are again, later that night, the trick-or-treating is done, they did well, and I forced them to sit still so I could take a few pictures before they dove into the candy.   

And now?  Off to the kitchen.   

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