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Was That All??

Well, the other refrigerator repair person came out yesterday.  Bill and I were prepared for more headaches.  Bill has actually been saying he hates the fridge, which I think is a bit extreme for an appliance, but whatever. 

So anyway, the guy comes out and takes a look in there…(I had just brought the kids home and I was taking coats off and herding them downstairs so they wouldn't insist on helping the repair man)…and he told Bill maybe the part they'd replaced the other day was defective or something…so he starts looking in there, and – AHA. 

The wires weren't connected.

That's it.

So he connected the wires, and that was IT. 

I think what probably happened was that the guy-in-training last week had installed the baffle but hadn't connected the wires, and the teacher-guy didn't check that.  Simple oversight.

I'm so glad that's all it was.  And sure enough, once the wires were connected, the arctic air stopped pouring from the little vent thing up in the top back of the fridge, and this morning – ooh!  aah!  the kim chee isn't frozen any more!  My sister's pickled peppers aren't frozen!  The apple juice!  The leftovers!  The grapes!  The brie!  NOT FROZEN!

Bill brought the other foods and the milk and half n half up from the fridge downstairs, and yay, all is right with our little world today.  At least in the fridge.

And now, I've got to get the kids ready to go, and myself.  I had started a post about the other birthday cake I did last week, but I don't have enough time to do it properly, so that will just have to wait until tonight, I think.

Have a lovely day! 

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