Lactic Love

After dinner tonight, I had the kids get into their pajamas.  While I was zipping Julia’s jammies, Alex came around behind me (I was sitting on the couch) and flopped onto my back, his arms around my shoulders.  I slumped forward and told him to get off of me (in my mock-grumpy mommy voice). 

He slithered off the couch and came around to hug me.  "But you’re so nice and warm, Mommy!"

I hugged him to me…these little moments won’t last forever. 

He continued:  "Because you’re full of milk.  Because you’re a mammal!"

4 thoughts on “Lactic Love

  1. That is truly precious! Thanks for sharing that. I can’t wait to read about the time when you will send the “Alex” catagory link to his first girlfriend. ;^)

  2. Do some of the posts not have comments on them anymore or is it my computer?

    Anyway, this is adorable …. as is your little fish-eye eater. SO cute and yet so gross. 😉

  3. Tracey – hahahaha – yes, exactly – cute AND gross.
    Not sure which posts you were talking about – were they comments you’d made and now they’re gone, or? I don’t get a TON of comments anyway (sniff…) but that’s weird if they’ve disappeared in some way…

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