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Mission Accomplished

I spent the majority of yesterday making birthday cakes.  Well, technically one was a pie, but it was for birthday purposes.  I'll post pictures tomorrow probably.  I haven't uploaded them yet, and right now I just want to SIT.  I need to get some kind of cushiony matt or something for the kitchen floor.  Tile just isn't all that comfy after a while.

Yesterday was also fun because I had to have Sears send someone out to figure out why items in our refrigerator were frozen solid.  Not all of them, mind you.  Which was pretty weird.  A jar of my sister's pickled peppers was frozen, but a bottle of water on the same shelf wasn't icy at all.  Weird. 

But thanks to the wonders of computer technology, the men figured out the problem, and after hacking off my left arm and right leg and giving them Alex (my firstborn), they replaced the broken part (a baffle wasn't working in the cooling thingy and so it wouldn't close when the fridge was too cold.  Just kept blowing the cold air in.) and went on their way.

So yes, it was a day of many events. 

I'm tired – forgive me if I make no sense.

Tonight is dinner at my parents' house – the double birthday dinner for my sister and her son.  Two of the cakes are for them.  I wouldn't post pictures of those today anyway, because they're surprises.

I'm so glad it's Friday. 

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