In the Cookie Jar

I Need MORE Flour. And Butter. And Eggs.


Well, I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I’d planned, but I’m off to a good start today – in fact, to be honest, the only reason I’m typing anything right now is to allow myself time to drink my coffee while it’s still hot, without my hands covered in flour or egg or anything.

Not that I get a lot of gunk on my hands while I’m baking.  I try to be a tidy baker.  But if I’m making cookies, I tend to get wrapped up in that and forget to drink my coffee.  Or eat lunch.

Yesterday I made the butter cookie dough (Bill’s mom’s recipe) and the outer dough for the "farmer hats" (another of Bill’s mom’s recipes) and so today I just need to bake off the butter cookies, make the filling for the farmer hats, fill them and bake them, make the almond stars.  And make other stuff. 

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the morning making cookies for the kids to decorate, because the neighbor across the street was going to come over with her two boys, but that ended up not happening, so…ah well.  My kids decorated some cookies, so they had some fun.

At one point I turned the corner to look into the dining room, where they were busy decorating, and saw my little girl, with the end of the piping bag of pink icing IN HER MOUTH, and she was squeezing the other end of the bag.

I wasn’t holding my camera at that moment – sorry.  I just yelled out "HEY!" and she jumped and dropped the icing bag and in the same motion, picked up a cookie and took a bite.  She’s a quick thinker, that one. 

Tonight I PLAN to post a cookie recipe or two, but that involves sitting down, and if I sit, forget about anything else getting done today.

Anyway, for your entertainment this morning, here are some non-cookie pictures….












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