Last Day (at work)

Nope – sorry – no cookie recipe last night.  I packed up more cookies to give out, including assortments for the kids’ teachers, and after I got the kids in bed and did the dishes and FINALLY wrote out (most of) my Christmas cards…I was done.  I flopped on the couch and watched something on TV with my husband about how the Grand Canyon was formed (did you know it was aliens what did it?  Just kidding.) – and then I fell asleep.

So today is my last day at work at the place I’ve been for the past 11 or so years.

I think I’ll need to pick up a box of tissues on my way in, since I don’t have any at my desk.  I just have a feeling it will not be a dry-eyed day.

But also, I have Christmas shopping to run around and do on my lunch break, and maybe on the way home, too.  Bill’s picking up the kids from daycare today so I don’t have to worry about that.

But still.  I have to take stuff home with me today from my desk.  Pictures of the kids.  Coffee mugs.  Stuff in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet that I’ve accumulated – I’m not even sure what’s in there or what I’ll actually keep.  And a huge prayer plant that did well at work because the cat couldn’t chew on the leaves.  Not sure where we’ll put that here….there is no safe place.  Oh well.  We’ll figure that out.

Sorry this is an uneventful post.  I’m trying to just not think about stuff too much yet. 

So instead – a few pictures. 

I had done a post about Short Dough not too long ago.  Here are a couple of cookies I’d cut out for ME (not the kids) to decorate.  I really love doing this sort of thing.  I wish I’d had time to do a bigger variety, but that didn’t happen this year. 

Anyway – I did angels…


And one of my favorites – cows.

I’m calling them Ho Ho Ho Holsteins.  No I’m not really.  But I could. 


I think they’re cute.  And I love cows.  And why should reindeer get all the Christmas festooning?  Just because they can fly and all….

I’m babbling.  Time to get the kids moving along, I think.  Get this day going. 

I’m sort of dreading it, to be honest. 

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