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The normal routine is this – after work, I go pick up the kids at daycare, come home, they take off their coats and hats and shoes and go play or Alex does his homework if he has any, or they watch a bit of a DVD while I go change out of my work clothes and into (usually) my pajamas.  Bill, if he’s not working, is there and either gets Alex going on his homework or plays with them or whatever.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the routine.  I need to change out of work stuff and get into comfy home stuff before I can fully become Wife/Mommy/At-Home Me.

Yesterday Bill was working late, so I got home with the kids and Alex immediately put his coat on the hook, put his sneakers in his bin, and asked to watch The Grinch.  Julia took off without a word, and I heard her upstairs walking around probably gathering stuffed animals to bring back to the basement or something like that.

I got Alex settled – no homework – and was about to go upstairs to find my jammies, when Julia appeared, without her sneakers, and wearing a pair of pink stretchy pants instead of the black ones with snowflakes she’d had on earlier.

"I changed," she said.  And then she headed downstairs to watch The Grinch with Alex.

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