My Family

Before I Forget (Again)

My sister, Meredith, is not only a first degree black belt in karate, but she is also an up and coming crocheting ninja princess.

She crocheted a lot of gifts for family and friends this year, and one of the things she made was this hat for Julia.

Actually, I need to get a better picture of it so you can see the top of it with the four crocheted chains that sprout from the top and dangle down.  But I wanted to at least MENTION it, finally, because I keep forgetting to and I really like braggin on my sister.  So take a look.



The blend of colors in the yarn are (00ps) is perfect for Julia, and she loves the hat. 

Mere also made scarves for Bill and me – I’ll take pictures of them soon.  She’s also working on a hat for Alex, and I’ll post a picture of that when it’s done, too.

Thanks, Mere!

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