My Kids

Bits and Pieces

They’re downstairs right now, watching a Dora and Diego DVD ("The Great Dinosaur Rescue" or something like that.  Featuring Dora and her football head, and her normal-looking cousins, Diego and Alicia.)  Julia got to pick this morning, and Alex was just trying to convince Julia that she’s not really interested in this movie.

"Hey," he hisses with fake excitement, "I’ve got a better idea!  Let’s watch…(dramatic pause) cartoons!"

Cartoons, as in something on TV, rather than a DVD. 

Sometimes he can sway her, but not this morning. 

"No!  I’m watching THIS!"

They are quiet now. 

Alex, resigned.

Julia, triumphant.


Yesterday Bill took Alex over to the Y during "Family Swim" time at the pool so he could coach Alex in jumping into the water.  At swim class, for some reason, Alex has developed a fear about jumping off the edge of the pool.  He used to be fine, but something changed at the end of his last swim class, and in order for him to move up, he needs to get over this.

So for half an hour, Bill worked with Alex, having him jump in holding Bill’s hands, and then one hand, and finally no hands…jumping in and giving Bill a high five in passing…and it worked.  Yay!

Swim class is tonight, and hopefully Alex’s confidence won’t suddenly disappear.


My sister’s kids spent the weekend.  It’s always nice when they visit – my kids love their big cousins, and I think the big cousins get a kick out of the little cousins.  Best of all, they all keep each other occupied, which gives Bill and me a bit of a break.

Of course, there was cooking.  We cooked Mexican for the weekend, and I also gave everyone samples of some of the desserts I’ve been working on for some of next month’s posts. 
So it was a weekend of eating.  Especially Saturday.  I’ll post recipes and pictures later. 

In a few minutes, I’ve got to get the kids moving, brush teeth, get dressed, bring Alex to kindergarten and run a few errands with Julia in tow.

It’s cold out this morning, and we had a little snow yesterday, so everything looks clean and wintery. 

That’s it for now.  I’ll be back later.

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